Cambodian air freight plummets in Jan


Cambodia's air freight volumes dropped sharply in January, with industry sources reporting 40 to 50 per cent declines on 2008, according to a report in the Phnom Penh Post.

Bangkok Airways said air cargo volumes decreased about 34 per cent at the end of January compared to 2008, with revenue down 40 per cent-a decline of US$148,000, said Ekkaphon Nanta-O-Sot, deputy communication manager, in the report.

"The economic slowdown is having a strong effect on the cargo business," he said. Bangkok Airways, which operates two daily flights from Phnom Penh, said that it is increasing its service to Cambodia despite the slowdown. "we see potential in this market," he said.

Cambodia's air cargo industry is expecially dependent on the garment industry with 88 per cent of Cambodia's exports coming from the sector alone, according to the World bank.