About us

A reliable and flexible medium sized Air & Sea logistics provider with own offices throughout Asia Pacific ready to connect you to all countries on the globe.

APC Asia Pacific Cargo is the continuation of the success story of ASG in the Far East, following a Management Buy Out which was finalized in December 1999.

Our company’s history goes back to 1966 when ASG joined forces with Schenker and opened up in Hong Kong under the name of Schenker-ASG (HK) Ltd. In 1981 the company was then split into separate independent entities, one of them operating under the name of ASG (HK) Ltd.

During the years the Company has increased its air and sea freight business to rank among the top IATA agents in Hong Kong. After initially concentrating on Europe bound business we later also diversified into USA and Intra-Asia traffics.

Coupled with the strengthening of our position in Hong Kong, the Company started to spread its presence in Asia, by early on opening up branches in Singapore (1989), Taiwan (1990), Thailand (1992) and China (1994).

The expansion in the different Asian countries has been rapid and now-a-days the APC Group can be found in 24 Asian locations with a work force of over 400 employees. APC has recently also opened up a few offices in Scandinavia and is represented in another 55 countries worldwide, through a well established agency network under the WIN umbrella, an Association of Independent Freight Forwarders.

Due to increased demand and changes in the freight forwarding industry, APC has expanded its activities to accommodate requests for storage, pick & pack and logistic services to overseas clients as well as local manufacturers and importers.

Considerable efforts and investments continue to be devoted to the upgrading and implementation of the most advanced state-of-the-art communication and electronic systems.

The Company’s growth has been achieved by employing dedicated, enthusiastic people who have open and honest relationships with their clients and by being totally flexible to the customer’s requirements. APC has found this to be a proven, successful formula that it plans to continue developing in the future.