20th MAY 2010 BKK & 23 others Provinces Curfew extended till SAT 22nd May from 21:00PM-05:00AM

Since yesterday afternoon till now 35 places in BKK hit by Arsons, 17 places are Bank and the major lost is Central World Building or World Trade Center in the past were burned. Government just recently announced at 11.30am BKK time to extended Curfew till SAT 22nd May from 2100PM – 0500AM

- All Bank in BKK closed till Monday 24th MAY

- Government offices closed till Monday 24th MAY but custom offices are open.

- Airport operated as normal for the passenger travelling in/out during Curfew time need to show passport and air ticket at all police check points.

Airlines office in town close and move to airport, customs at airport work 100%

- Seaport operated as normal at PAT, Laem Chabang and most ICD inland container depot.

Shipping Lines offices close today and may open tomorrow, customs at seaport cannot work due to electric generator at that area burn.

- Mass Transportation sky train and underground train are closed. Only few public bus operate.

APC both town office and airport office still open but may close at any time due to the situation.

Airfreight can be handle both import and export but Seafreight import cannot pick up D/O due to shipping line close and customs computer cannot work, seafreight export also cannot pick up B/L but able to export by using webbase customs clearance, all seafreight rate cannot be check till next week. Our trucks manage to pick up the shipment but not at the danger area.

Our urgent mobile contact: ( mobile signal can be Jam and hardly contact but sms still working well )

MD – Chaiyong + 6681 8221300

Airfreight export Manager – Mr.Pacharapol + 6689 8147733

Seafreight export Manager – Miss Paitoon + 6681 4816675

Import supervisor air & sea – Miss Kanlaya + 6685 2221175

Sales Manager – Ms.Kanta + 6681 8384310

We are all safe and thank you very much for all regards render to us.

Chaiyong Theinvutichai

Managing Director