BKK flood Situation

Dear All Partners and friends.

Due to so many queries and question about the Flood Situation impact Bangkok and transportation affect.

This time the country’s worst flooding in 50 years .

May I provide you brief transportation facility as follows:

- SEAPORT both Laem Chabang Port and Bangkok Port are in normal conditions but ICD Lad Krabang close until further notices.

- AIRPORT Suvarnabhumi is operating as normal. Today the water level around the airport area compare to means sea level is normal.

The airport heightened its earthen dykes to four-meter-high and piled up one-meter-high sandbag barriers along surrounding roads, in order to prevent flood. All contingency plan are well notified all concern.

- INDUSTRIAL ESTATE mostly close down the operation over 900 plants from 6 industrial area

All our staffs safe but affect from the home area flood cause our responsiveness speed will be reduce.

May I suggest you check with your customer before export your shipment into BKK to make sure they still able to receive the shipment if the address indicated industrial estate name.

Chaiyong Theinvutichai

Managing Director