Donation program:

APC Thailand has been making a donation program at the end of every year join with our staff. And past 3 years we together with Ms. Vicky Considine, director of APC Logistics Australia have make joint a charity. We have more ability to make a donation because of the cooperation. Our objectives are support the education of disadvantaged schools in remote areas, and to develop their community and living in the future.

Dec 2012 at the same place where is “BAN HUAY NAM KEM SCHOOL” at Nakorn Ratchaseema province, far from Bangkok around 200 km.

“BAN HUAY NAM KEM SCHOOL” is a primary school with 5 teachers and 44 underprivileged children. We donated computers, sporting equipment, toys, education aids, and snacks. Also, renovate the restroom for them. Then, we had done an entertainment with these children together before we left.

After this campaign we really feel sympathy with these children and appreciate with teachers who devoted themselves, in the future one of these children may be the leader of this country and we hope they will be. We are more happy to be part of them.