International airport Suvarnaphum closed

Our international airport Suvarnaphum closed. The airport was ordered to halt its operation temporarily as the PAD demonstrators broke into the compound. PAD request the current government to step down with the new election but situation still safe without serious action. Some of the foreign carriers still managed to depart yesterday late at night such as QF but all TG flight are cancelled from this airport. This morning TG landed the aircrafts at Donmuang Airport (north) and Uthaphao (near to Laemchabang seaport, 2 hours drive to BKK) but all incoming foreign carriers are cancel. EXPORT: Ground Handling agent (GHA) at Suvarnaphum stop accept export aircargo now till 1300PM local time but customs still work as normal. IMPORT: We still manage to customs clear and deliver as customs and bank still operate. APC Airport still working and inform all shippers to hold the shipment till further notice. Shipment which arrived since yesterday at the airport did customs clear and under the custody of GHA. Incase of urgent shipment we still determine to arrange a charter flight from either Donmuang (Old airport without customs) or Uthaphao (Navy airport close to Laem Chabang) or Chiangmai (northern part hub) to Singapore for further conx. Airport Authority of Thailand (AOT) will provide press release within two hours from now and I will closely update you the situation. Sorry for all your inconvenience may cause.