Update News BKK Flood War - Situation Maintain and positive improvement

Dear All Colleagues,

After a months period yesterday was the first day that BKK Governor did not announce additional evacuate district and also awareness area.

The Mass Water seem to know where they should go before start go out to the sea. North and East BKK decline from 5-10 cms water level reduce but West still maintain.

In total 350 peoples died and 7 industrial estate damaged with approx. 14,000 factories force closed.

The plan to restore will start from first week of DEC onward.

Thai Government predict the situation will be under control before end of November.

Both APC Thailand offices are safe but awareness plan still maintain all our staffs are safe and 18 staffs’ home damage from flood.

on behalf of my team I would like to thanks for all your concern and worry about us here.

Kind regards


Managing Director